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BV-C8200CL  2 Wavelengths Wide Band VGA CCD Camera  

BV-C8210CL  2 Wavelengths Wide Band VGA B/W CCD Camera 

BV-C8220CL  2 Wavelengths Wide Band SXGA CMOS Camera 

BV-C8225CL  2 Wavelengths Wide Band SXGA B/W CMOS Camera

BV-C8300     3 Wavelengths RGB VGA Camera

BV-C8320CL  3 Wavelengths RGB SXGA Camera

BV-C8321     3 Wavelengths RGB SXGA Camera (high speed readout)  New

BV-C1800     High Sensitive CMOS Camera     (Production finished)

BV-C2130H  1/3inch HD Color Video Camera  (Production finished)

BV-C1130H  1/3inch HD Color Video Camera  (Production finished)

BV-C1060H  1/3inch PAL/NTSC Camera         (Production finished)