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Line Scan  4 Sensor  Prism Spectroscopic Camera

   BVC6100         4K   RGB+NIR    New
   BVC6200         4K+1K   RGB+SWIR    New


Line Scan  3 Sensor  Prism Spectroscopic Camera

   BVC5404         4K   RGB    New
   BV-C5400CL    4K   RGB   (Build-to-order)
   BV-C5400CXP  4K   RGB
   BVC5204         2K   RGB    New
   BV-C5200        2K   RGB   (Build-to-order)

   BVC5201         2K   RG+NIR    New


Line Scan  2 Sensor  Prism Spectroscopic Camera

   BV-C3200        SWIR   900~1290nm / 1290~1680nm

   BV-C3210        SWIR   900~1290nm / 1290~1900nm   (Build-to-order)

   BV-C3500        4K   Visible+SWIR   400~1680nm

   BV-C3510        4K   Visible+SWIR   400~1900nm   (Build-to-order)

   BV-C3300        4K   Polarized   Visible light

   BV-C3350        4K   Bi-focal   Visible light   (Build-to-order)


Line Scan  Single Sensor Camera

   BV-C3110        SWIR   900~1700nm

   BV-C3105        Rectangular pixel   SWIR   950~1700nm    New

   BV-C3103        SWIR  900~1700nm    New

   BV-C3120        SWIR  1100~1900nm    (Build-to-order)

   BV-C2905        SWIR   950~1700nm
   BV-C2906        SWIR   900~2550nm   Peltier cooling type
   BV-C3000        4K   RGB   Color dual line


Area Scan  3 Sensor  Prism Spectroscopic Camera

   BV-C8321        SXGA   RGB    New

   BV-C8320        SXGA   RGB


Area Scan  2 Sensor  Prism Spectroscopic Camera

   BV-C8220        SXGA   RGB+NIR

   BV-C8225        SXGA   Visible+NIR


Area Scan  Single Sensor Camera

   BV-C2900        VGA   SWIR   950~1700nm   Peltier cooling type

   BV-C2903        QVGA   SWIR   950~1700nm   Peltier cooling type

   BV-C2901        VGA   SWIR   950~1700nm   Peltier & Air cooling type
   BV-C340H, BV-C340 (Module)             Wide use   HDTV   Color
   BV-C340MH, BV-C340M (Module)        Wide use   HDTV   B/W


Area Scan  Unique Camera

   BV-C2950        Visualizing ESD(Electrostatic Discharge)   VGA   NUV+Visble
   BV-C2953        Without cover glass   VGA   NUV~NIR