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Bluevision Ltd., Japan has mainly developed and manufactured lenses to be used with multi-sensors (2CCD/CMOS, 3CCD/CMOS and 4CCD/CMOS) line scan cameras. We have started with lenses having visible to infrared wavelength for 3CCD/CMOS and 4CCD/CMOS line scan cameras and now expanded to SWIR lenses with 900nm to 1800 nm wavelength for 2CCD/CMOS line scan cameras.

We have also deployed those lenses to C mount type using M52 mount to C mount conversion. They can be used for 1/3 inch or 1/2 inch 3CCD/CMOS cameras or single chip SWIR cameras respectively.


Uniqueness of Bluevision lenses
  • Designed to consider overall optical characteristics including prism such as longitudinal chromatic aberration and lateral chromatic aberration (Suitable for multi line sensor cameras)
  • Extended spectral sensitivity in NIR (Near Infrared) wavelength 
  • High resolution for 7 micron pixel sensor
  • Minimum object distance of 300mm from the front of the lens
  • Applicable image line sensor length is 30mm
  • Maximum Aperture for series is F2.8
  • M52 mount suitable for FA applications (F mount version is also available)



Vibration test



You can download the lens  technical information and Wave length response from Download page.


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