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 We develop and manufacture the camera by utilizing the spectroscopic imaging technologies which use our core competence, optical signal processing. We have recently being focusing on cameras to handle the short wave Infrared wavelength (SWIR). In SWIR wavelength, it is known that materials show special response against a specific wavelength.


 It will be possible to inspect foreign materials, scratches, or internal conditions of the object by measuring reactions of light from the object, i.e. reflecting, transmitting or absorbing light. In this sense, the light source is very important equipment for SWIR inspection system.


Based on our accumulated experiences in developing SWIR cameras, we now merchandize the Wavelength variable light source.


 At this time, we have developed the BV-M1020 and BV-M1021. The BV-M1020 handles from 1250nm to 2500nm and BV-M1021 handles from 900nm to 1800nm. We will also manufacture the light source for visible wavelength which is from 400nm to 800nm as the custom made (BTO) product.


System Overview

 The light from Halogen lamp is collected by the condenser lens and input into the iris control. The light being controlled its volume (half value control) is projected to LVF (Linear Variabl Filter) and LVF is moved from side to side for selecting a wavelength. The selected light is passing through the condenser lens again, and it is input into the optical fiber. Eventualy, it is projected to the object.


System Principle

 LVF(Linear variable Filter) is a filter which a wavelength varies linearly depending on its position. The wavelength variable light source uses LVF and the halogen lamp as the main ligtht source.  The light moves on the LVF to select a specific wavelength. In the product, the halogen light souce is fixed and the LVF moves side to side.

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