About Us


BlueVision Ltd., Japan



Yusen Shin-Yokohama Building 3F

3-17-2 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-Ku

Yokohama 222-0033 JAPAN
TEL : 045-471-4595

FAX : 045-471-4598


Established : 16 April 2009


  Kyushu Office  

3602-1, Anraku, Shibushi-cho, Shibushi

Kagoshima 899-7104 JAPAN

TEL: 099-478-1004

FAX: 099-478-1005 


Established : 1 April 2016



BlueVision Europe Limited


         PO Box 689, Addlestone, KT15 9FB, United Kingdom

Established : 17 December 2020



 Business Domain


     Plan, design, manufacture and sales of image and optical products










― Establish BlueVision Ltd., Japan with the capital of 10.5 million

    Japanese yen at Yokohama




ー Develop and launch OEM products, 85 degree wide angle non-

    distortion lens and zoom lens with wide temperature range

    (-40℃ to +80℃)





― Develop and launch 35mm lens for prism optics based cameras

    with extended wavelength to the near infrared

 July ― Deliver OEM products to customer 



― Develop and launch 24mm and 28mm lenses for prism optics

    based cameras

 September ― Develop and launch 50mm lens for prism optics based cameras



― Develop and launch 20mm wide angle type lens for prism optics

    based cameras





― Develop and launch 105mm medium telephoto lens for prism

    optics based cameras




― Develop bacteria selecting system using fluorescence emission





― Develop and launch 35mm lens for prism optics based SWIR


 June ― Launch 3 models of industrial camera (NTSC/ PAL/ HD)



― Develop and launch 28mm lens for prism optics based SWIR




― Develop and launch BV-C3100 short wave infrared (SWIR:

    900nm to 1700nm) line scan camera



Develop and launch 50mm lens for prism optics based SWIR

    line scan cameras




― Develop BV-C3300 (P wave and S wave separation camera

    using polarized beam splitter) and bi-focal line scan camera







― Develop and launch BV-C3200 prism optics based SWIR line

    scan camera which outputs two wavelength in SWIR

    wavelength range

 May ― Develop and launch BV-C7250x20 full HD auto focus camera



― Develop and launch 28mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses for prism

    optics based SWIR cameras



― Develop and launch BV-C1800 ultra high sensitive CMOS




― Develop and launch  BV-C3500 prism optics based wide range

    line scan camera covering from 400nm to 1600nm




― Develop and launch BV-C2900 VGA SWIR camera


― Launch 105mm lens for prism optics based SWIR cameras



― Launch C mount lens series converted from M52 mount existing

    lens series

 April ― Increase the capital to 60 million Japanese yen




― Increase the capital to 90 million Japanese yen

 August ― Develop and launch 2-sensors prism line scan camera





― Establish own factory in Kyushu, Japan (Production,

    Procurement, QA, Logistics)



― Develop OEM prism camera fluorescent light for medical






― Membership of JIIA(Japan Industrial Imaging Association:


 October ― Move to the new factory in Kyushu, Japan



― Develop and release ESD (Electro Static Discharge) camera as

    the 1st in Japan





― Membership of AIA (Automated Imaging Association:


  May ― BlueVision Ltd., Japan 10th year anniversary


― Become a member of TECHNO HORIZON GROUP




― Establish BlueVision Europe Limited

― Move to the new headquarter office in Yokohama