News English 2018

Dec 2018   We participated in "ITE 2018"



               Bluevision Ltd., Japan participated in International Technical
               Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2018 (ITE 2018)
               which was held in Pacifico Yokohama from December 5 through
               7, 2018.

               In this exhibition, we showed following products:
                   BV-C2950      ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Visualizing Camera
          BV-C3510      Wide Spectral Range Line Scan Camera
          BV-C8220      2 Wave Wideband Area Sensor Camera
          BV-C5400      3CMOS 4K RGB Line Scan Camera
                         (live action of discharge phenomenon)
                     BV-C3510                               BV-C8220
(detection by visible light and SWIR light)             ↑
                                                  (inspection of package and content)
           (application of printing)

               Also, we gave a lecture on our key technologies, spectroscopic
       imaging and associated products.
               For further information on ITE 2018, please click below.


Nov 2018   We participated in "VISION 2018 - Messe Stuttgart"
                Bluevision Ltd., Japan participated in "VISION 2018 - Messe
                Stuttgart" which was held in Stuttgart, Germany from
                November 6 through 8, 2018.  We exhibited our two cameras,
                BV-C2900 (SWIR VGA Camera) and BV-C8320 (3 Wavelengths
                RGB Camera) through our German distributor SVS-Vistek,
                which drew many people's attention.

Sep 2018   Relocate our Kyushu Office
               BlueVision Ltd., Japan relocates its Kyushu Office to the address 
               mentioned below for dealing with expanding business and will 
               start the operation on October 1, 2018.

               New Address:
               3602-1, Anraku, Shibishi-cho, Shibushi, 899-7104, Kagoshima
               TEL: 099-478-1004/ FAX: 099-478-10005

Jun 2018   We participated in 2 shows in Japan/Europe
BlueVision participated in "Image Sensing 2018"
BlueVision Ltd., Japan participated in "Image Sensing Exhibition 2018" held at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan from June 13th to 15th, 2018.

In this exhibition, we showed following products:
BV-C5400         3CMOS 4K RGB Line Scan Camera
BV-C8300         3 Wavelength RGB Color Video Camera
BV-C3500         Wide Spectral Range Line Scan Camera
BV-C2903-GE    SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) QVGA Camera
BV-M1021         Wavelength Variable Light Source

                             Booth Overview

            BV-C5400                                 BV-C8300

            BV-C3500                        BV-C2903-GE, BV-M1021
We also made a seminar for explaining our key Technologies,        Spectroscopic Imaging and Associated products.  Many audiences
joined the seminar as well as visiting our booth.


For catalogues, please click the followings:
Camera                   Lens                   Lighting

BlueVision participated in "Vision Robotics & Motion 2018"

BlueVision participated in "Vision Robotics & Motion 2018" held in Netherlands through DVC Machinevision on June 6th and 7th, 2018.

                             Booh Overview
(BlueVision exhibited BV-C5200 3CMOS 2K RGB Line Scan Camera)

Also, BlueVision products were introduced in the seminar held by DVC Machinevision.