News English 2016

Dec 2016  Bluevision Ltd., Japan participated in ITE 2016 held in Yokohama
               We participated in ITE 2016 held in Yokohama Pacifico from
               Dec. 7 to 9.
               We exhibited and demonstrated BV-C3200 2wave SWIR line
               scan camera, BV-M1021 Wavelenght variable light source,
               and new BV-C2901 Aircooling SWIR VGA camera.
               In addition, we exhibited prism based line scan cameras,
               SWIR area scan cameras and lens series. 
               We also conducted the seminar titled "Spectroscopic Imaging
               and Wavelength variable light source to cover from visible to
               SWIR light".   
               We have many visitors from various countries and received
               positive feedback on our products.
               As for product details, please refer to Lineup page and Down
               load page. 
               Booth overview                     BV-C3200 with two images

               BV-M1021 and BV-C2901      Lenses, SWIR are scan and
                                                          Prism based line scan camera


Nov 2016  Bluevision Ltd., Japan introduced BV-C3350 in Taipei

               We introduced the BV-C3350 in the booth of G4 Technology Co.

                at Taipei Int'l Industrial Automation Exhibition held in August 31

                to September 3 in Taipei. 



                BV-C3350  Bi-focal Line scan camera 


Jul 2016  Bluevision Ltd., Japan moves to a new office on July 25.
              We moved to 3rd floor from 2nd floor in the same Building,
               Klingelnberg on July 25 and is now working at the new office.              

Jun 2016  Bluevision Ltd., Japan participated Image Sensing show   

             Bluevision Ltd., Japan participated Image Sensing Show "ISS 2016"

               held from June 8 to June 10 at Pacifico Yokohama and also conducted 

               the seminar titled "  Spectroscopics cameras handling  the wavelengh

               from SWIR to visible light and variable wavelength type light source ".

               Bluevision would very much apprecaite visiting our booth to talk about

               our products and technologies  as well as participating the seminar.

               In the booth, we demonstrated BV-M1020 Wavelength Variable Type

               Light Source newly developped, BV-C3500 Wide bandwidth line scan

               camera and BV-C3350 Bi-Focal line scan camera. In addition, we

               displayed new BV-C2903 QVGA SWIR camera, lenses and cameras.

               As for product details, please download from "Download (English)"




               Booth overview                         BV-M1020


               BV-C3500                                BV-C3350


               Lens and camera line up            Seminar


May 2016  Bluevision Ltd., Japan launched a new light source at OPIE'16

             Bluevision Ltd., Japan exhibited a new Variable wavelength type    

             light source on Aval Data booth in OPIE'16 held from May 18 to 

             20 at Yokohama Pacifico exhibition hall. This new light source,

             BV-M1020, covers from 1250nm to 2600nm in SWIR (Short Wave

             InfraRed) wavelenght and uses LVF (Linear Variable Filter) to select

             a wavelength. During the exhibition, we made a seminar for SWIR

             cameras and this new light source to visitors. This new concept light

             source was well recieved by many visitors.

             Bluevision will show BV-M1020 at the coming Image Sensing Show

             2016 at Yokohama Pacifico. 



                 Booth overview                         BV-M1020



               Seminar in OPIE'16                    Seminar


Apr 2016   Bluevision Ltd., Japan established Kyushu office on April 1, 2016.
Feb 2016   Pages for  product and lineup are renewed.