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Dec 2017  Add new products informaion
       Add BV-C5400,BV-C5200,BV-C8300,BV-C340H and BV-C340MH
                     information in Products category and lineup

Dec 2017  Bluevision particioated ITE2017 from Dec.6 to 8
              Bluevision Ltd., Japan participated ITE2017 held at Pacifico
              Yokohama from Dec.6 to 8. At exhibition this year, we showed and
              demonstrated new products launched in December and BV-C3200
              2 wavelength SWIR line scan camera, BV-C2903 QVGA SWIR
              camera and BV-M1021/M1022 wavelength variable light source.
              Booth overview                          BV-C5400
              BV-C8300(back)                       BV-C3200 
             In addition to exhibit at the booth, we also participated the seminar,
             which title is "Multi spectroscopic imaging to cover the visible light to
             SWIR light and wavelength variable light source - multi imaging for
             image processing applications". We introduce our approach to 3
             wavelength spectroscopic imaging, not only RGB separation but
             other separating examples. Many audiences joined the seminar.

Nov 2017  Add the following new products in Download page
              BV-C8300     3 wavelength RGB VGA camera
              BV-C5400     3 wavelength RGB 4K line scan camera
              BV-C5200     3 wavelength RGB 2K line scan camera
              BV-C340H     Global shutter CMOS HD color camera
              BV-C340MH   Global shutter CMOS HD monochrome camera
Jun 2017  Bluevision participated in Image Sensing 2017
             We participated in Imaging Sensing Exhibition 2017 held at Pacifico
             Yokohama from June 7 to 9.
             In this exhibition, we showed following four new products. 
                      BV-C8300  3 wavelength RGB Color video camera
                      BV-C5200  3 CMOS 2K RGB line scan camera
                      BV-C340H  HDTV Color video camera
                      BV-C340M  HDTV Format Monochrome camera
             We also made a seminar for explaining our key Technologies,
             Spectroscopic Imaging and Associated products. Many audiences
             joined the seminar as well as visiting our booth.

                  Booth overview                     2 SWIR wavelength line scan
             New product BV-C8300              BV-M1021 with BV-C2903
             On display, the left side is           On the left, BV-C340H and
             BV-C5200                                 BV-C340M are displayed.

             Please click model name for download a new product news.
May 2017   Renewed Site information                                        
Add new products information on Camera Line up page
                 ◆ Add FGB information for prism based cameras in the
                     technical info. on Download page
                 ◆ Add discontinued information
Apr 2017   Bluevision participated in OPIE'17
              We have participated the industrial camera corner in OPIE'17
              to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from April 19 to 21. 
              We exhibited BV-C3500 Wide bandwidth line scan camera and
              the combination of BV-M1021 Wavelength variable light source
              and BV-C2903 QVGA InGaAs camera. We also performed the
              technical sminar about our core competence and associated
              We have welcomed many visitors in our booth. 
                BV-C3500 with Visible and InGaAs images                BV-M1021 ans BV-C2903
Apr 2017   Bluevision exhibited BV-M1021 Wavelength Variable Light Source
               at "Shanghai International IT & Electronics Fair" in Shanghai.
              We exhibited BV-M1021 Wavelength Variable Light source at
              "Shanghai International IT & Electronics Fair" from March 17
              to 19 in Shanghai. We exhibited it in Microview booth who is
              the disributor of Bluevision with graet corporation from them.
              BV-M1021 is the light source which illuminates by a selected
              SWIR wavelength from 900nm to 1800nm. BV-M1021 can
              provide rough wavelength which matreials to be inspected
              react, together with SWIR cameras. In China market, the
              demand to SWIR system has been increasing, we expect the
              growth of the business as the result of this exhibition.
              Refer to BV-M1021