News English 2020


Jan 2020    We will participate in the "Technical Show Yokohama 2020".

                   We will newly participate in the "Technical Show Yokohama



                       Period:    February 5th (Wed) ~ 7th(Fri), 2020

                                     10:00 ~ 17:00

                       Venue:    PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Hall A・B・C


                       BlueVision's Booth :    いー⑨  of "Yokohama Monozukuri

                                     (Manufacturing) Zone" in "Equipment, Devices

                                     and Products" division


                   In this exhibition, we will show the following products;

                       BV-C2950        ESD(Electro Static Discharge) Visualizing


                       BV-C8220CL    2 Sensor Wide Bandwidth Area Scan Camera


                   For further information on "Technical Show Yokohama 2020",

                   please click below↓.