面扫3波段 棱镜分光相机BVC8350

BVC8350 is 3CMOS “RGB” area scan camera which equips our original designed “3 spectroscopic prism” and 1/ 1.8inch, 5 megapixel global shutter CMOS area sensors to cover visible wavelength range for high quality image capturing. Full size readout is 33.85fps. By using binning and partial readout (ROI) mode, faster frame rate up to 231fps for VGA size is accomplished. C mount and CameraLink interface are featured.
(GigE type of BVC8350 is also under development.)


● Newly developed prism optics
● Fastest-class prismatic RGB camera at 5 megapixels
● 3 × 2448(H) × 2048(V) pixels, 2.74μm size, Global shutter CMOS are used
● Full resolution readout (33.85fps), binning mode (129fps)
● Small size and light weight, Compact enclosure
● Precise shutter setting of 1μsec unit (10μs ~ ”frame rate-603μs”)
● Gain adjustment from 0dB to 24dB
● Partial scan readout (ROI) is available for faster capturing
  (by using binning + ROI, Max. 231fps at VGA size readout)
● Shading compensation, Image enhancement and LUT
● Internal mode or external trigger mode
● Three electronic shutter modes
  (No Shutter mode, Shutter Select mode, Pulse width)
● Camera Link Base Configuration (8bit ×3), Medium Configuration (10/12bit ×3)
● BV camera control tool is available


光学 1/2" 3波段分光棱镜
芯片 1/1.8" B/W CMOS ×3、 2.74μm正方形
光谱段 400nm~720nm
有效图像输出像素 2448(H) × 1840(V)
帧率 33.85fps (最大)
接口 CameraLink
镜头接口 C口
外形尺寸(W×H×D) 52mm × 52mm × 92mm
重量 295g