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BlueVision Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as a manufacturer for lenses which are designed for prism line scan cameras, and expanded its product portfolio not only for lenses but also for industrial cameras such as SWIR line scan camera from 2013 onward.
“Optics R&D” and “Image Sensing Technology Based on Prism Spectroscopic Technology” are our main and core technologies, and we keep developing prism spectroscopic imaging products proactively, especially that combine several specific visible wavelength areas and invisible wavelength areas such as NIR/SWIR or UV range.
Also, we create OEM cameras and lenses by using our assets of spectroscopic imaging knowhow and skills.

We, as an imaging solution provider, continue to offer highly valued unique and beneficial products to all of you and are eager to support your further development.

Takashi Kumazawa