Light Source

The wavelength variable light source is a new type of the light source which uses a halogen light as the main light source and illuminates the light with a selected specific wavelength. It uses LVF (Linear Variable Filter) to select the wavelength. The LVF is a filter which the relations of its mechanical position and the wavelength are linearly varied, and you can select the wavelength by the position where the light is projected. The spectroscopic imaging makes it possible to inspect foreign materials, scratches or internal conditions of various objects by measuring reactions of the light from materials, i.e. reflecting, transmitting or absorbing light at an arbitrary wavelength. BV-M1020 selects among SWIR wavelength and BV-M1021 does from NIR to SWIR. BV-M1022 selects among visible wavelength. The combination of the BV-M1020/BV-M1021/BV-M1022 and BlueVision SWIR cameras will realize efficient and effective system.

Wavelength Variable Light Source

LVF wavelength range: 1250nm~2500nm
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LVF wavelength range: 900nm~1800nm
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LVF wavelength range: 400nm~700nm
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