Area Scan – Single Sensor CameraBV-C2901

The BV-C2901 uses a VGA InGaAs sensor with a built-in Peltier device and having the sensitivity from 950nm to 1700nm. Additionally, it employs an air cooling system and maintains the sensor temperature at -10℃ to suppress the increase of the dark current. As a result, it achieves high signal-to-noise ratio with two seconds exposure time.
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● High signal-to-noise ratio with 2 seconds exposure time
  Peltier device (built in sensor) and additional air cooling system maintain the sensor temperature at -10℃.
● Employs InGaAs VGA sensor with pixel size of 20μm
● 62fps of the maximum frame rate
● 8/10/12/14bit for the video output
● C mount of 1-inch or larger format
● GigE or CameraLink interface


Sensor InGaAs, 20μm square
Bandwidth 950nm~1700nm
Effective image output 640(H) × 512(V)
Line frequency
Frame rate 62fps(max)
Interface CameraLink, Gigabit Ethernet
Lens mount C mount
Dimensions (W×H×D) 95mm × 95mm × 130mm
Weight 1100g/CL, 1090g/GigE
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