Line Scan – 2 Sensor Prism Spectroscopic CameraBV-C3350

BV-C3350 is a line scan camera which focuses on different focal planes to find dust or scratches on each surface.

BV-C3350 is a build-to-order product.
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BV-C3350 uses a beam splitter and two line sensors which has different focal points.
Therefore, BV-C3350 can get two images with the different focal points at the same time and with the same field of view.
This function will be convenient for a glass cover investigation on surface and inside, for instance.
As BV-C3350 sets the sensor position based on customer applications, this is a custom-made product.


Optics 2 sensor spectral prism
Sensor B/W CMOS ×2,  7μm square
Bandwidth 400nm~700nm
Effective image output 4096 pixels
Line frequency 18.03kHz
Frame rate
Interface CameraLink
Lens mount M52 mount
Dimensions (W×H×D) 95mm × 95mm × 95mm
Weight 820g
Others Build-to-order
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