Line Scan – 2 Sensor Prism Spectroscopic CameraBV-C3300

BV-C3300 is a camera which separates P wave and S wave components from natural light respectively and outputs each image independently.
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The BV-C3300 employs special prism optics to separate P wave and S wave components, and each image is captured by 4K line sensor respectively.
The BV-C3300 outputs P wave image and S wave image at the same time.
This is very effective for inspecting front and back of the transparent materials with thickness such as detecting scratches on the both sides of the glass, electric parts inspection on the board and contaminants inspection for raw materials.
Its interface is Camera Link, and the lens mount is M52 mount.


Optics 2 sensor spectral prism
Sensor B/W CMOS ×2,  7μm square
Bandwidth 400nm~700nm
Effective image output 4096 pixels
Line frequency 18.03kHz
Frame rate
Interface CameraLink
Lens mount M52 mount
Dimensions (W×H×D) 95mm × 95mm × 95mm
Weight 820g
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