Line Scan – Single Sensor CameraBV-C3110

BV-C3110 series is a SWIR line scan camera with high speed and high sensitivity, and equips newly developed 1K InGaAs line sensor in its C mount body.
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● Newly developed InGaAs sensor with 1024 pixels and 12.5μm square pixel size
● Covers from 900nm to 1700nm SWIR wavelength
● Maximum 40kHz line rate
● 4 selectable sensor sensitivity
● Compact and light weight of 270g/280g
● 3 camera interfaces compatible (Camera Link, USB3.0, GigE)
● C mount


Sensor InGaAs, 12.5μm square
Bandwidth 900nm~1700nm
Effective image output 1024 pixels
Line frequency 40kHz (max), 10kHz (factory default)
Frame rate
Interface Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet, USB
Lens mount C mount
Dimensions (W×H×D) 58mm × 58mm × 60mm
Weight 270g/CL・GigE, 280g/USB
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