Lens for Prism Spectroscopic Visible Light CameraBV-L1020-M/F

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● Designed to be suitable for prism spectroscopic visible light cameras
  (Also compatible with single sensor cameras)
● New optics design to improve longitudinal aberration (focal point shift for R/G/B channels) and lateral chromatic aberration (image size difference for R/G/B channels)
● Spectral response extended to NIR (near infrared) area
● High resolution optics design for 7μm pixel size (4K sensor)
● Applicable for 30mm length sensor
● Maximum aperture ratio of F2.8
● 300mm from the lens front for WD (work distance)
● M52 mount and F mount are available


Image sensor length 30mm
Flange back (in air) 46.5mm
Focal length 20mm
Maximum aperture ratio F2.8
Iris diaphragm range F2.8 ~ F22
Minimum object distance
(Measured from the lens surface)
Angle of view 71.59°
Marginal brightness 72.4%
Applicable pixel size 7μm
Filter diameter 82mm (P 0.75)
Mount type M52, F
Dimensions (Maximum φ) φ84mm × 111mm
Weight 660g
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